An Invitation to Slow Down – It’s Not Easy, but Necessary.

During the times of staying home, we were asked by our innermost selves to slow way down, to restore, to rejuvenate and to rewire our physiologies that are normally on-the-go.  Did that happen for you?  I know for me, I feel completely different.  I have so much more ease and quietude in my day.  Those of you who know me, knew that before the Covid-19 pandemic, I was running around A LOT.  And to be honest, I wanted to slow it down, but I didn’t know how.  I didn’t know how to slow myself down.  I had fear that I wouldn’t be able to keep myself afloat financially.  I had other fears too, that I didn’t know were there until I was forced to look.

To be completely transparent, I was afraid to loose my identity as a healer, helper, teacher and therapist.  I didn’t realize it back then, at all.  It wasn’t until I felt that identity being taken away from me (whether true or not) that I began to look more deeply at my clinging.

The ability to navigate hardship gracefully is something that I’ve known for many many years.  I know what pain and stress feel like.  I know what it is like to feel shaken to the core.  To hit rock bottom. To feel like things will never shift.  I know what it’s like to struggle, strategize, to throw a whole bunch of shit at the wall, hoping something sticks.  And, earlier this spring, I thought I didn’t have to experience a deeper lesson, a deeper opportunity to feel hardship again – I thought I had come so far…. so much that I thought I was over all of that.

The pandemic was a forceful offering – it made me come to a complete halt.  It made me go back inside – to the innermost core.  The only thing I could do was hang out there.  There was no way out, no escape.  I couldn’t busy myself with my work.  I would even declare to my partner that “I had a lot of work to do” because I didn’t want to admit that my only work was to sit and be WITH MYSELF.

And so, I shed many tears. I felt loss, grief and sat with so much uncertainty.  I sat with the loss of who I thought I was, who I wanted to become and I sat with the loss of the world and it’s state and affairs.  My body even provided me an opportunity to heal some deeper layers of tension and imbalance.   I couldn’t run away.

And I didn’t.  I have so much gratitude for the time-tested practices of yoga and ayurveda.  These practices specialize in providing support to our inherent need and desire to slow down.  And perhaps, the coronavirus offered all of us the perfect environment for us to do just that.  I know it offered that to me.

In case you feel like you are back up and running and crave that slowing down to be with yourself and whatever shows up, I invite you to join me and others in our online practice community and slow down.  You’ll discover ways to:

  • calm your nervous system
  • unwind from fight/flight
  • release your stress, worries and physical tension
  • enliven and reconnect with your innate healing intelligence, with your inner harmony and with your inherent homeostasis
  • feel empowered through practices that cultivate daily tender and loving care
  • receive support on your yoga and ayurveda self-care practice

This whole journey has been so expanding, healing and rewiring for me personally and professionally in many ways – and it has been such a joy to stay in touch with all of you. I look forward to seeing you all online in whichever session and/or event that calls to you.

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