Bliss. We all want it.

Bliss. It’s a word that conjures up so much for us! We all want it – and we chase experiences, things, and relationships to get it.  When we seemingly don’t have it, our day is awful. When we do have it, everything seems easy, natural, and effortless. This flip-flopping between good and bad is binary and is based on a polarized way of orienting our lives: we either aren’t or don’t have enough or we are and have enough. In other words, we are fulfilled one day, and we feel deficient the next. Empty, full, back and forth like that.

The thing is – bliss is actually who we are. We are made of bliss. The seers of the Vedas have known this to be true for thousands of years – and, it is precisely what all the Vedic Technologies foster. The Vedic Technologies foster long-lasting bliss by uncovering it, removing what is in the way of feeling, sensing, and knowing bliss deeply on the inside out. Our connection to our truest nature, deep inside, is a well of unending bliss and the Vedic Technologies are all about this.

So why do we chase bliss? 

Well, have you ever looked into a baby’s eyes and just felt that sense of unity? That sense of an otherworldly kind of presence? This is why many of us love babies, animals, and other beings! Because they haven’t yet separated from their Source within. 

As we develop into youngsters, we are usually taught that bliss can be found only on the outside. After all, it’s likely that is what our primary caretakers knew. So there’s nobody to blame. It’s just how we humans do things. We live in a one-sided stance and the more we are exposed to this outward orientation, our little bodies and minds develop into personalities and we begin to lose our connection to the bliss within. It’s just what happens – until we have exposure to the bliss inside. 

Now I want you to know that our personalities and this world of human manifestations are neither good nor bad things! It’s neither full nor empty, good nor bad, it’s not binary. It is way beyond that. 

For example, you’ve likely viewed an amazing, thought-provoking film or read that book that made you plummet into presence, pointing you inwards towards who you truly are. Or maybe you’ve heard a piece of music that does the same thing – when you feel it sending shivers up your spine. Or maybe you’ve visited a restaurant where everything on the menu has the power to light up your taste buds and your other senses. All of these experiences have the power to point you towards bliss – the bliss inside you. In a way, they are humanly created technologies that have the capacity to open the door to the bliss within. The issue is that we want that feeling again, so we go towards those technologies to have the same experience. But the second, third, and multiple times after that, it’s just not quite the same. Am I right? 

What we’ve done in this all too often scenario is that we’ve attached ourselves to the thing, the person, the technology that brought us the bliss, hoping to get it again. We want the ease, the flow, the serendipity again. 

The thing is – bliss isn’t to be gotten. It’s always there – yet we think we have to get it from these things. The creatives behind the amazing films, music, and menus are so aligned with their own bliss that it permeates outwards. They are wired to share it.  They can’t help it. It’s like they know something. They know about flow, and the creative intelligence within through their direct experience. Maybe they don’t know the words about all of this, but they feel it. So they keep creating. Whether they recognize it or not, these artists and scientists (think Einstein) are so into it that they can’t help but long to be there, in their inner bliss, day in and day out. 

We all have the capacity to do this. Not just these superheroes of bliss! We just haven’t recognized it as we are more wired to get it from the outside.

So, what if instead, every time we experience that sense of bliss we are reminded that it is who we truly are and it’s never anything that actually goes away? What if we take a deep breath and feel how that amazing bite we just took at that restaurant is lighting up our consciousness and making a deep impact on our present moment? What if it is about the present moment? And not necessarily that collective of ingredients on the plate? Or even about our taste buds and tongue? What if it is more than that? I believe it is. I believe that these experiences of bliss are portals or doorways into ourselves into bliss itself.

Can you see what I’m getting at? It’s about our attention. Like a flashlight, our attention highlights our experiences.

What if when we attend to our experiences in a way that highlights the Source within and recognize ourselves as That instead of highlighting the actual activity, the item, or the person that brings that bliss forward into our daily experience? What if we could simply say to ourselves in those moments, “Wow, that book reminded me of my innate bliss inside. I’m going to sit with that feeling and luxuriate and soften right here instead of reaching for another book and hoping for the same thing.”

If we could live this way, we’d all be (in our own way) artists, musicians, chefs, and filmmakers. We’d be in touch with the flow, with our creative intelligence. We’d be who we truly are without hesitation. We would know that the bliss within is directing everything and it’s not necessarily about what brings the bliss, but is instead about the bliss itself – which is within.

One thing I know to be true, from my direct experience is that the Vedic Technologies have helped me shape my attention towards the bliss within me, that is me. I find I am more creative like I used to be when I was a child. I find I live more spontaneously, more in the flow. These Vedic Technolgoies have the power to rewire us physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically to recognize our inner bliss every single time we receive or practice them. As we dip into our bliss on a daily or regular basis, we are literally remembering our inside Self and opening ourselves up to be in the flow, to be more creative, and to live in a way that is more harmonious, easy, and effortless. We find that we can manifest more. We find that life is easier and kinder. We find that we are more anchored inside ourselves and we can enjoy those activities, items, and relationships even more because we aren’t identified with them so much. We can take things as they come and let them go because we have literally rewired our beings to recognize the bliss inside. I will say that it is definitely NOT about bypassing and putting on “just being grateful” mask, but that is another topic for another day. Maybe next time.

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