Choose Yourself.

Many of us have a tendency to commit to others before committing to ourselves. I know it’s my tendency and something I have to keep in check on a regular basis.  

I invite you to join me – make a declaration to commit to yourself.  To choose yourself.  Make an intention to fully bloom into yourself by taking action and committing to doing more yoga.


Why is it sometimes so hard? 

Well, if you are like me, we are wired to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own.  And, this leads us down the path of disempowerment and lack of self-love.

Something that has helped me immensely is committing to a daily yoga practice.  And, not just any daily yoga practice.

Our specific yoga practice opens and rewires your body and mind from the inside out.  A daily practice in this deeply conscious and potent yoga paradigm means that your body and mind will not have the chance to forget what it is like to be open, receptive, empowered and aligned. 

And, your individualized home yoga practice is the golden thread that carries you through – in between your private sessions and workshops.  You can think of the group practices, workshops and retreats as the additional “booster” to your regular home practice and private yoga therapy sessions so that you find the healing and transformation that you want and need. Group practices are meant to expand your vocabulary and give you new and expanded openings. They are an adjunct to what you are doing at home and what you are receiving in your private yoga therapy sessions. 

As you know and feel, the ultimate combination for change is having a steady home practice, participating in regular group practices and diving deep in private yoga therapy sessions. If you want to change, you need to do more. It’s very simple. And I’ve seen it again and again that this combination actually helps you commit and invest in yourself by rewiring how you operate both physically, mentally and emotionally with your Spiritual Self at the helm. 

Will you take action?  Receive the support you need and commit to yourself? I’m here to help you – but first, I need to practice myself. 

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