Deep Healing Begins with Enhancing Your Spine Vitality

Enhancing the vitality in your spine… what does that even mean?

Let’s start with the word “Vitality”.

According to a simple google search, the word “Vitality” means: the state of being strong and active; energy.  Or… the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

In the ancient yet timeless traditions of yoga and ayurveda, Vitality is known to be housed in the spine. With it’s multiple names, like Shakti, Kundalini, Prana, Chi, Holy Spirit and more, Vitality is known to move upwards through the spine, clearing out blocks, knots, kinks in our psycho-spiritual-physiologies.

This movement upwards fosters so much deep healing on multiple levels.  But what we notice the most is that we somehow feel more ourselves, more at peace, and more at home.  We experience less pain and there is less need to strategize to get out of where we are.

By creating actual physical space and by decompressing the spine, we become stronger, more energetic and have more power to be present and in synergy with the continuity of life.  And we decompress the spine with a very special yogic approach to asana that precisely angles into the deepest layers of tension along the spine, releasing, unwinding and unraveling them.  We decompress the spine with specific breathing practices that are meant to support the healing and the moving of Prana or chi through the body, fostering balance, harmony, homeostasis and life.

So our innate Vitality actually doesn’t need enhancing.  It simply needs space.  Space to move, space to be free.  You are invited and welcome to join and learn this amazing method.  And, I’m sure that you know within your own experience what it feels like to be vital, free and open.  It’s those moments where you are looking at the sunset and everything seems to just open up inside and out or when you taste an amazing home cooked meal that seems to just bring you into a place of pure bliss.  The thing is you have experienced this bliss many times and are looking to have this experience more regularly.  It’s hard when we chase bliss on the outside through sunsets, relationships, food and all of those external things.  What if you could feel it on the inside all the time, no matter what your external experience is?  That would be freedom.


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