Intention & Commitment

All New Year’s Resolutions can be boiled down to one thing:  we all want to change, improve and evolve.  We want to feel better in our bodies and minds.  Whether you choose to do yoga, improve your diet, increase your exercise routine, work on your relationships, work more, work less… it is essentially the same with all resolutions: there is intention; we have an intention to grow.

Intention, called “Sankalpa” in Sanskrit, (the vibrational yogic language stemming from India) imbibes the actual vibration of intention itself.  Because the word “Sankalpa” includes a sound vibration within it, we could even say that the word “Sankalpa” contains the seed impulse of growth and action that follows a clear intention that we made.

Practice the word out loud:  San-kal-pa

Now think of something that you’d like to work on within yourself right now.  Make the resolution, the intention right now to work on yourself in this specific way.

And now say the word:  San-kal-pa

Close your eyes and take a deep breath as you rest with yourself and your clear intention.

Now as most of you know, change doesn’t just happen with making an intention, even if you work with the vibrational language of Sanskrit and the specific word “Sankalpa”. 

What is called for now is commitment to grow the seed impulse of the action that follows your clear intention

Commitment in Sanksrit is an extension of “Sankalpa” 

It is:  “Sankalpabaddhata”. 

I know, it’s a long one! 

But isn’t it interesting that the words commitment and intention are so connected in the Sanksrit language of yoga?  “Sankalpabaddhata” contains the seed impulse that spurs commitment within you.  But you first need to make that clear intention

Saying the word aloud will have a direct and yet very subtle affect on your body and mind, reminding your being about pure commitment, which comes from intention

So now, say aloud:  San-kal-pa Ba-da-ta

And then close your eyes, take a deep breath as you rest with yourself, your clear intention and now your resolve to commit

All resolutions start with the desire to feel more aligned, more easy, stable and free within ourselves and our lives.  Once we become aware of that desire, we make an intention to change.  And then we decide to embody commitment to that change.  We repeatedly and regularly commit to ourselves and to the intention of growth and change.  And once we have fully committed and we have remained steadfast, then we have become more of who we already are, that person inside that desired the change to begin with, that person who experiences more freedom inside because we have committed to ourselves. 

So what will you resolve to do to get closer to yourself, to inspire change and evolution within yourself in 2019?


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