Got Pain? Stress? Free Your Tight Spine!

The truth is relief from pain and deep healing begins with freeing your tight spinal muscles and by enhancing the vitality in your spine. By restoring this energy and unwinding the tension in the muscles connected to your spine, you bring in in new nerve impulses, increase blood and lymph circulation and deprogram the pain patterns your body and mind have long accepted as normal.   In yoga speak, you are literally ushering in Awareness-Consciousness into places that have been shut down for awhile.

Yoga effects us on many levels – structurally, physiologically, psychoemotionally and spiritually.  So in a way, it doesn’t really matter why you have arrived here on this page.  You may be here because your back hurts.  You may be here because you experience stress on a regular basis.  You may be here because your moods are up and down or maybe even stagnant.  You may be here because you long for a deeper connection with life.

To sum it up, being human is not easy and can be painful at times, on multiple levels, not just physical.

One thing I know to be true, to navigate the pain that you feel is to open and release the tension in your spine.  I was so happy to discover the particular method I use with myself and with others – it has become my mainstay, the foundation in all of my offerings because it simply works.  It changed my life and I continue to watch it change others’ lives.  There are many methods out there that work to release tension, but the tried and true methods that work directly with freeing up the spine are the ones that have lasting results and benefit.

If you are interested in finding out more, I urge you to email me directly.  I have offerings online where you can discover and heal all from the comfort of your own home.

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