Cool Your Jets and Chill Out… Sadhanas For Summertime Heat

It’s summertime and it’s hot!  Yesterday in Marin County, we reached temperatures above 104 degrees.  Staying cool is key during these times and I have a few things to share with you to keep your cool, calm your jets and chill out on the inside and on the outside.Tips to Stay Cool…

  • Releasing the tensions in Your Spine (Merudanda) creates more space, clears your channels (Nadis) so Prana can flow.  When Prana is flowing, your natural balancing act comes into play.  Your body will provide a healthy approach to staying cool, like increasing your thirst and sweating.  Plus, your energy will be way more balanced and less stressed, which will help you stay cool and calm in your mind.
  • Breathing Practices
    • Ujjayi Pranayama in Shavasana – this practice will center your heat in your digestive tract where it belongs and pull it out of the rest of your body, while supporting inner harmony/homeostasis and the balancing of your nervous, endocrine and immune systems.
    • Sithali Breathing Practice – this practice calms and cools the channels of the body/mind. How to: curling your tongue (if possible) and breathing in through your mouth and breathing out through your nose. Repeat for approximately 10 full breaths.  If you can’t curl your tongue, you can simply sip the air in through pursed lips like you are sucking on a straw.  Always breath out through your nostrils.
  • Run your wrists and ankles (where your pulse is) under cool water.
  • Take a cool cloth and drape it over your Mahamarma Point at the crown of your head and rest.  Then take the cool cloth (you may need to run it under cool water again) and drape it over your forehead.
  • Transdermal Creams or Roll-Ons (DGL and Super Sport down your spine and DGL on your liver.)

Keep in mind that when it’s hot, you always need to increase your water intake.  In temperatures like this, it’s totally okay to have iced beverages because your inner digestive fire can most likely handle it.   I’ll be offering a slow, chill out practice today at 4pm PST where we’ll be going over these practices.  I hope to see you there. Links are below to join in and donate.

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