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The Process is Where the Power is

As I continue to sort out and navigate the details of offering private and group sessions online, along with programs and memberships, I keep returning to what is most important in my life: the process of calming, soothing and quieting my mind and body. For me, it must be a daily routine, a daily ritual to wind it all down.  Being in my unwinding process has allowed me to experience more freedom, more joy and a whole lot less pain and stress.  And interestingly, it isn’t about the getting there or arriving in bliss or ease that is important, it’s actually about the process itself.  The process is where the power is.

This reminds me of one of the premier definitions of yoga.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.2 states:

Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah.

Which means….

Yoga is the PROCESS of calming, soothing, and quieting the mind.  

One of the surest ways of dropping into where we are, however we are, the way we are is through our yoga practice.  I have found the slowness of the practice combined with the deep release of the tight muscles close to the spine to be a soothing balm in times of uncertainty.  This is because yoga acknowledges the process.  It’s not about and never has been about arriving in quietude.  It’s not about the arrival into a calm or a soothed state of mind.  There’s no arrival or arriving at all really.  Yoga is a process; it’s about the process of calming, soothing and quieting.

And, when we are with ourselves during the process, something truly miraculous happens.

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