Your Spine is EXQUISITE…

…beautiful, lovely, elegant, fine, magnificent, superb, excellent, wonderful, ornate, well crafted, well made, perfect, delicate, fragile, subtle, discriminating, discerning, sensitive, refined, cultivated, cultured, educated, informed, enlightened.

…And deserves to be treated as such.  

Choosing a yoga style that opens the spine is of upmost importance if you want to transform, deepen your healing, and experience your illuminated essence.   

Choose wisely.

Yoga is a timeless tradition from India that originated thousands of years ago to foster harmony and wellbeing in the body, mind and spirit. Classical yoga practices, primarily the practices of meditation, world peace and social change came to the west as early as 1893 when the first yoga missionary, Vivekananda spoke at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Little did he know then how much yoga would take hold here in the west and that it would centralize around its physical practices.

Yoga asana or physical posture is usually the gateway into the system of yoga for many westerners. Many seek the practices of yoga for physical transformation, stress relief and to find community. And of course, many also seek out yoga to establish a deeper connection to their divinity and to discover their innate luminosity, which is the goal of all yoga practices.

Yoga has many benefits, because it works with the multidimensionality of our being; it works with the body, the mind, the energy channels, and the soul. Its practices offer healing on many levels and offer assistance in uncovering our true nature.

It is a wonderful thing that yoga has become such a highly accessible practice and it is practically everywhere. One can find yoga at a gym or perhaps even during their lunch break at work where there is very little or no talk about consciousness and spirituality. And, through the web, one can access the more timeless classical teachings of yoga that offer wisdom on the evolution of consciousness.  This is the beauty of yoga: it is a practice that adapts itself making it an accessible practice for all to reap benefit.

However, it can be a bit daunting when one starts to explore yoga, as there are so many styles of yoga out there (enough perhaps for each person). I encourage you to check out a very unique style, one that I discovered back in 2007 after I had already been practicing and teaching vinyasa for 8 years.

Svaroopa® Yoga is aligned with the ancient roots of classical yoga while following a modernized protocol. Steeped in the teachings of consciousness, it follows the teachings and protocols of a highly esteemed and effective practice that translates as “the bliss of your own being and your own truest form”. This accessible practice includes yoga poses, breathing exercises and integrative contemplations to help you connect with and feel the bliss inside of you.

Contained in its own unique paradigm, Svaroopa® Yoga uses supportive props and precise alignments which provide the angling into your deep spinal muscles. This provides spinal decompression and the dissolution of the deeply held muscle tension patterns along the spine.

Core tensions decrease space in your body and mind and your energetic channels do not have the freedom to flow. Svaroopa® Yoga increases the space in your body and mind, while clearing and balancing your energetic channels. This gives you the direct experience of the exquisiteness of the core of your body and how important it is to keep things open and spacious. When there is more space, there is more grace and harmony in life as it is the space within that allows you to live embodied.

This practice is for every body and is specifically for those that are looking for support in their inner transformation, for deep healing and for the illuminated experience of their own divine essence, all of which are the ultimate goal of all yoga.

To find out more about studying Svaroopa® Yoga with Meredith, contact us here.

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